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Stephanie Dawson – Producer


Stephanie Dawson is a producer, line producer and production manager for narrative, reality, and branded content. She hails from Cincinnati, OH where she grew up singing in the choirs and either performing on stage or working behind the scenes on the stage crew. 

She was introduced to film by her dad who often had American Movie Classics or Turner Movie Classics on constantly in the house. And her uncle William introduced her to 16mm film making in elementary school, where she stood in as an actor for many of his experimental films.

Though she studied Environmental Science & Engineering in College, and worked as a traveling IT consultant, she never gave up on film production. After receiving a degree from Full Sail University, she has embarked on a career in production, based in New York City. 

Dawson has produced projects of various sizes, from independent short films and web series to independent films, music videos, commercials and branded content. 

Dawson loves to sing, to be creative, and is maybe a little dramatic at times.


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